First Pham of the Week!

Meet Breck, Lindsey, Noelle, and Caroline!! They are our first “Pham of the Week” of the semester!

Breck is a Sophomore from Springfield, IL, and Lindsey is a Junior from Toldeo, OH. Noelle is a Senior from Pittsburg, and Caroline is an Alum as of Spring of 2018!!

This Pham loves to watch UK basketball, but when there isn’t a game on you can find them watching any new original movies on Netflix! You can also find them studying at the Willy T Starbucks. When they need a study break, they love to have dinner together at Olive Garden.

Breck, Lindsey, Noelle, and Caroline love Phi Mu’s Cheesin’ for the Children event the most…other than big/little reveal, of course.

Big/little reveal was one of their favorite memories because of their hilarious theme! Check out their shirts below!!!

A few other fun facts about this Pham is that they love movie theater popcorn, sour patch watermelon candies, and taking quick road trips to Cincinnati at night just to see the city.

We are so excited to see your Pham grow!!

We love you all!!!


The Spotlight is on Payne!

Meet Payne!! She is from Springfield, IL and is graduating next weekend with a Bachelors in Hospitality Management and Tourism and a minor in Business. Some goofy facts about Payne are that she is OBSESSED with Subway, everyone laughs at her laugh (not so much her jokes), snapchat is her favorite way to document her life, and she has a munchkin cat named Glenda who she is completely crazy about! 

 Payne wrote a letter and shared her story of being a part of Phi Mu. She shared, "I chose the University of Kentucky to set myself up for being away from home and it has been challenging, but also the biggest blessing. I love home, but Lexington became my home away from home and being away taught me so many life lessons and I like to think it has prepared me for the amazing journey after graduation we are all about to embark on! My parents are my biggest supporters and role models and they gave me my best friend of all time. She is my little sister, Breck, and we are three years apart. She is a freshman at UK this year and she also decided to go Phi Mu this year, which was the greatest last bid day as an active member I could’ve asked for. 

Throughout my time in Phi Mu, I have held many positions. Mainly, Vice President of Chapter Development, Discipline, and finally President. Being President was my favorite Phi Mu memory and I would do it all over again if I could. I loved working with my chapter and getting to know the women in our chapter. I am so thankful for Phi Mu and every opportunity, friendship, and memory it has given me. My college experience wouldn’t have been the same without Phi Mu. 

I am sad to be an alumna member of Rho Iota and to be leaving Lexington, but I am so excited because my Phi Mu journey isn’t quite over yet. I will be a Phi Mu Chapter Consultant after graduation! {YAY} I can’t wait to continue to meet strong, smart, and intellectual collegiate Phi Mu women all over the country.


Payne Thomas"

Thank you so much for everything you have done for our chapter, Payne! You are an amazing role model to all of us! We are so excited to send you off on your next journey! We love you! Happy Graduation!

The Spotlight is on Rachael!

Meet Rachael! She is from Union, KY and is graduating in May with a major in Public Health and Health Communication! In her near future, she hopes to work with the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department! In her free time, Rachael loves to dance, watch Netflix, and go to the lake! Rachael is going to miss Phi Mu and especially the large group of women that she got to know so well!

Phi Mu helped Rachael in many ways, she shared, "Phi Mu helped me gain the absence of dance that I was trying to fill after graduating high school. I danced for 16+ years and leaving my studio and competition team was really hard for me coming to college, but Phi Mu helped me fill that void of my passion for dance by being involved with Main Event, Bring It On, Greek Sing, and Stomp!" {Rachael was our Greek Sing chair in 2017!}

One piece of advice Rachael would give to a PNM would be, "you get out what you put in. I loved how involved I was and I truly got out the most of the effort I put in. So pick and choose how heavily you want to be involved to get the best experience possible the next four years of your life!" 

Thank you, Rachael!!! We are going to miss your involvement and love for this chapter! Happy Graduation!

Meet Michelle!

Meet Michelle! She is our Academic Excellence Chair this year! Michelle is from St. Louis, Missouri and is majoring in German! In her near future, she would love to work as a practitioner in the medical field. In her free time, Michelle loves to run and to spend time with her friends!

Michelle wanted to be the Academic Chair for many reasons. Michelle really wants our chapter to be the best that we can be academically, "I want to help our sisters strive to be the best students they can through providing a plethora of resources and support from our chapter. Having them realize their potential directly reflect in our chapter's GPA, so I want to continue the increased academic morale of our chapter and meet our GPA goal for the year!

Michelle also wanted this position because she loves to help others, and she thought she could help her sisters best through serving as their academic chair. Michelle said, "I never want a sister to feel discouraged or helpless because of her grades. My focus resides in maintaining strong sisterly support and encouragement in all aspects that are important to Phi Mu, especially scholarship!"

Thank you, Michelle! Your handwork is something we all cherish! We are so excited to have you leading us all to success! 

Meet Allison!

Meet Allison! She is our newest Membership Director for formal recruitment this Fall! She studies Communications with a minor in Media Arts and Studies. Allison is from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky and aspires to be a professor in the field of communications after she graduates! In her free time, she loves to watch Netflix and re-runs of the original Jersey Shore (because its the best), and of course, to hang out with her friends!

Rho Iota is very lucky to have Allison as our Membership Director. She is very passionate about helping Phi Mu grow, and she is very excited to see the future PNM's finding their home in our chapter! Allison hopes to make recruitment an overall positive experience for every girl involved! Recruitment is going to be so much fun this Fall with Allison in charge!


The Spotlight is on Kimberly!

Meet Kimberly! She is from Aurora, IL and she is an English major and has a French minor. Kimberly is planning on going to get her Master’s in Writing and Rhetoric in order to teach composition at the college level. Eventually, she hopes to be a professor at a university! 

Kimberly shared that Phi Mu gave her a lot more than she initially thought it would! She said, "I was a transfer student and wanted a place to belong because of being so far from home, and a group of friends I could count on. While I did get both of those, it also provided me an opportunity to explore my leadership skills by holding several positions within the chapter, including Vice President of Chapter Development!" 

She also wanted to share some of her favorite parts of Phi Mu. Each of these are special to her because of her best friend, and big! "My favorite parts of Phi Mu are all the times and things I’ve gotten to do with my big, Kendall. She has been my best friend since I joined and we’ve been inseparable ever since. From football and basketball games, date parties, and just hanging out to trips to Florida, New Orleans, and the Bahamas, to now finally graduation, I can’t imagine what my college life would've looked like without her by my side and I’m so excited to see where the next chapter of our lives takes us. Wherever we’ll be, I know she’ll always be the best big and friend I could’ve ever asked for. My big and the opportunity to give back to this chapter with VP of CD are definitely what I’ll miss the most about my time here in Phi Mu!"

Thank you, Kimberly, for all of your hard work as VP of CD! We are going to miss you so much! Enjoy your last few weeks of the semester! 

The Spotlight is on Julia!

Meet Julia! She is from Louisville and will be graduating this May with a degree in history and political science. Julia loves to travel and she has done two study abroad programs while in school. Her first was to Australia and the second was an internship with a non-profit in South Africa! {Amazing!} In five years, Julia hopes to have graduated from law school and be working as a federal prosecutor. 

Julia is going to miss a lot about Phi Mu, specifically, she explained, "I will of course miss all of the big events and moments while i was in Phi Mu such as Greek Sing, Bonnamu, formals, and maybe even recruitment; however, most all I will miss the mundane events whether it be just laughing about inside jokes, watching siesta key, dancing like a fool, embarrassing nights out, and many more moments that made my collegiate experience amazing!"

We are going to miss you too, Julia! Enjoy your last month before graduation! Time flies! 

The Spotlight is on Kathleen!

Meet Kathleen! She is a senior from Grosse Pointe, Michigan! Kathleen is currently majoring in Health Communications. After college, Kathleen is planning to go into Medical Sales, specifically, speciality pharmaceuticals. She wants to build patient and provider relationships to help those in need to the best of her abilities! It’s something Kathleen is very passionate about and she is excited to start this next chapter in life! 

Kathleen came to the University of Kentucky knowing very few people, but joining Phi Mu made Kentucky become her home away from home. The sisters she gained truly helped shape her into the woman and friend she is still striving to be. Kathleen gained friendships for life and her heart is so full because of Phi Mu and the girls in the chapter. 

Kathleen wanted to advise future PNM's and she said, "always strive to be the best person and sister you can be, always stay persistent and open minded with a positive attitude. These 4 years go by so quickly, you want to cherish each moment. Not look back and think the whole experience was a blur. These are some of the best years you’ll experience and finding sisters that you can share these moments with, is amazing!"

Thank you for the wonderful advice, Kathleen! Enjoy your last few months as a Wildcat! We love you!

The Spotlight is on Bre!

Meet Bre! She is from Wyandotte, Michigan. Bre is graduating in May with a degree in Kinesiology-Exercise Science. In the future, she hopes to see herself working for a professional or collegiate team and working in their sports event planning department! Some of her favorite things to do are to watch Netflix, hangout with her friends, go to Keeneland and go to concerts!

One of Bre's favorite parts of being in Phi Mu were her sisters. She said, its such an amazing feeling to be in a room with so many like-minded women. Each sister shares the same values and it feels as through we are one big family! Her sisters are the many reason she will miss Phi Mu too! She said, "I honestly cried at the end of Greek Sing because I know that was the last big event I would be with all these amazing girls!" {AWE}.

She also explained how Phi Mu helped her grow as a person. She shared, "I met so many different girls within my years in this chapter and each individual added something valuable to my life. Phi Mu also helped me get involved with my community more. I was able to participate in DanceBlue and eventually become team captain chair for Phi Mu and serve on DanceBlue committee!"

If Bre were to give any advice to the PNM's, she wanted to share, "take it all in. Four years goes by so quickly and before you know it, you're writing a senior spotlight. Participate in EVERYTHING. Phi Mu has helped me become the best version of myself, become a part of something bigger than myself and has given friendships for a lifetime!"

Bre, we are going to miss your amazing smile, and fun personality! Have the best last few weeks!


The Spotlight is on Hunter!

Meet Hunter! She is from Fort Wayne, Indiana and will be graduating this Spring after graduating Neuroscience for 4 years! In 5 years, Hunter sees herself as a Physician's Assistant in Orthopedics. She plans on moving to Chicago too! Some of Hunter's favorite things to do are online shopping, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, and traveling! 

The things that Hunter will miss the most from Phi Mu will be her amazing friends and the memories she made through this very unique 4 year experience! 

If she were to offer one piece of advice to PNM's she wanted to share, "I would say to keep an open mind. I didn't see myself in any sorority but Phi Mu really helped me gain friends and a better outlook in college!"

Thank you for your advice, Hunter! We will miss you so much! Have a great few weeks and good luck in Chicago!