Meet Allie!

 Meet Allie! She is the Secretary this year! Allie is from Franklin, Kentucky and majors in Fashion Merchandising. She also has a double minor in Business and Digital Media and Design. In her near future, she wants to work as either a visual merchandiser for a retail company or in the merchandising department for a large company. Allie loves to take photos, watch movies, make jewelry, and hang out with her friends in her free time. Fun fact: She just got engaged!!! 

Our chapter is so lucky to have Allie as our new Secretary because she wants to improve the flow of our meetings each week and increase participation amongst our sisters. She wants to change how our chapter takes attendance during meetings, as well. Allie wanted this position to become more involved and have an important role in our chapter. She is excited to see Phi Mu from a new prospective! We can't wait to see your ideas come into action, Allie!