The Spotlight is on Katie!

Meet Katie! She is a senior from Monticello, Kentucky and is studying Materials Science and Engineering. Katie has accepted a job offer from American Woodmark and will start her job in June! {So exciting, Congrats!} In 5 years, Katie hopes to be settled into whatever city she is placed in for work with a couple of dogs and a great group of friends!

Katie wanted to share some advice to the future PNM's and said, "don't stress too much about being able to manage school work and sorority life. As long as you are willing to work at it, you will be able to do it. For me, it was easier to wait a year before going through recruitment so I knew I would be able to manage my time well and I haven't regretted it for a second. If I would have joined Phi Mu sooner, I doubt I would have made the best friends and gotten the best little and grandlittles that I have today!"

Thank you, Katie! Congratulations on your new job offer! Rho Iota will miss you!