The Spotlight is on Hunter!

Meet Hunter! She is from Fort Wayne, Indiana and will be graduating this Spring after graduating Neuroscience for 4 years! In 5 years, Hunter sees herself as a Physician's Assistant in Orthopedics. She plans on moving to Chicago too! Some of Hunter's favorite things to do are online shopping, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, and traveling! 

The things that Hunter will miss the most from Phi Mu will be her amazing friends and the memories she made through this very unique 4 year experience! 

If she were to offer one piece of advice to PNM's she wanted to share, "I would say to keep an open mind. I didn't see myself in any sorority but Phi Mu really helped me gain friends and a better outlook in college!"

Thank you for your advice, Hunter! We will miss you so much! Have a great few weeks and good luck in Chicago!