The Spotlight is on Kimberly!

Meet Kimberly! She is from Aurora, IL and she is an English major and has a French minor. Kimberly is planning on going to get her Master’s in Writing and Rhetoric in order to teach composition at the college level. Eventually, she hopes to be a professor at a university! 

Kimberly shared that Phi Mu gave her a lot more than she initially thought it would! She said, "I was a transfer student and wanted a place to belong because of being so far from home, and a group of friends I could count on. While I did get both of those, it also provided me an opportunity to explore my leadership skills by holding several positions within the chapter, including Vice President of Chapter Development!" 

She also wanted to share some of her favorite parts of Phi Mu. Each of these are special to her because of her best friend, and big! "My favorite parts of Phi Mu are all the times and things I’ve gotten to do with my big, Kendall. She has been my best friend since I joined and we’ve been inseparable ever since. From football and basketball games, date parties, and just hanging out to trips to Florida, New Orleans, and the Bahamas, to now finally graduation, I can’t imagine what my college life would've looked like without her by my side and I’m so excited to see where the next chapter of our lives takes us. Wherever we’ll be, I know she’ll always be the best big and friend I could’ve ever asked for. My big and the opportunity to give back to this chapter with VP of CD are definitely what I’ll miss the most about my time here in Phi Mu!"

Thank you, Kimberly, for all of your hard work as VP of CD! We are going to miss you so much! Enjoy your last few weeks of the semester!