The Spotlight is on Julia!

Meet Julia! She is from Louisville and will be graduating this May with a degree in history and political science. Julia loves to travel and she has done two study abroad programs while in school. Her first was to Australia and the second was an internship with a non-profit in South Africa! {Amazing!} In five years, Julia hopes to have graduated from law school and be working as a federal prosecutor. 

Julia is going to miss a lot about Phi Mu, specifically, she explained, "I will of course miss all of the big events and moments while i was in Phi Mu such as Greek Sing, Bonnamu, formals, and maybe even recruitment; however, most all I will miss the mundane events whether it be just laughing about inside jokes, watching siesta key, dancing like a fool, embarrassing nights out, and many more moments that made my collegiate experience amazing!"

We are going to miss you too, Julia! Enjoy your last month before graduation! Time flies!