The Spotlight is on Payne!

Meet Payne!! She is from Springfield, IL and is graduating next weekend with a Bachelors in Hospitality Management and Tourism and a minor in Business. Some goofy facts about Payne are that she is OBSESSED with Subway, everyone laughs at her laugh (not so much her jokes), snapchat is her favorite way to document her life, and she has a munchkin cat named Glenda who she is completely crazy about! 

 Payne wrote a letter and shared her story of being a part of Phi Mu. She shared, "I chose the University of Kentucky to set myself up for being away from home and it has been challenging, but also the biggest blessing. I love home, but Lexington became my home away from home and being away taught me so many life lessons and I like to think it has prepared me for the amazing journey after graduation we are all about to embark on! My parents are my biggest supporters and role models and they gave me my best friend of all time. She is my little sister, Breck, and we are three years apart. She is a freshman at UK this year and she also decided to go Phi Mu this year, which was the greatest last bid day as an active member I could’ve asked for. 

Throughout my time in Phi Mu, I have held many positions. Mainly, Vice President of Chapter Development, Discipline, and finally President. Being President was my favorite Phi Mu memory and I would do it all over again if I could. I loved working with my chapter and getting to know the women in our chapter. I am so thankful for Phi Mu and every opportunity, friendship, and memory it has given me. My college experience wouldn’t have been the same without Phi Mu. 

I am sad to be an alumna member of Rho Iota and to be leaving Lexington, but I am so excited because my Phi Mu journey isn’t quite over yet. I will be a Phi Mu Chapter Consultant after graduation! {YAY} I can’t wait to continue to meet strong, smart, and intellectual collegiate Phi Mu women all over the country.


Payne Thomas"

Thank you so much for everything you have done for our chapter, Payne! You are an amazing role model to all of us! We are so excited to send you off on your next journey! We love you! Happy Graduation!