The Spotlight is on Rachael!

Meet Rachael! She is from Union, KY and is graduating in May with a major in Public Health and Health Communication! In her near future, she hopes to work with the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department! In her free time, Rachael loves to dance, watch Netflix, and go to the lake! Rachael is going to miss Phi Mu and especially the large group of women that she got to know so well!

Phi Mu helped Rachael in many ways, she shared, "Phi Mu helped me gain the absence of dance that I was trying to fill after graduating high school. I danced for 16+ years and leaving my studio and competition team was really hard for me coming to college, but Phi Mu helped me fill that void of my passion for dance by being involved with Main Event, Bring It On, Greek Sing, and Stomp!" {Rachael was our Greek Sing chair in 2017!}

One piece of advice Rachael would give to a PNM would be, "you get out what you put in. I loved how involved I was and I truly got out the most of the effort I put in. So pick and choose how heavily you want to be involved to get the best experience possible the next four years of your life!" 

Thank you, Rachael!!! We are going to miss your involvement and love for this chapter! Happy Graduation!