Exec Spotlights

Meet Michelle!

Meet Michelle! She is our Academic Excellence Chair this year! Michelle is from St. Louis, Missouri and is majoring in German! In her near future, she would love to work as a practitioner in the medical field. In her free time, Michelle loves to run and to spend time with her friends!

Michelle wanted to be the Academic Chair for many reasons. Michelle really wants our chapter to be the best that we can be academically, "I want to help our sisters strive to be the best students they can through providing a plethora of resources and support from our chapter. Having them realize their potential directly reflect in our chapter's GPA, so I want to continue the increased academic morale of our chapter and meet our GPA goal for the year!

Michelle also wanted this position because she loves to help others, and she thought she could help her sisters best through serving as their academic chair. Michelle said, "I never want a sister to feel discouraged or helpless because of her grades. My focus resides in maintaining strong sisterly support and encouragement in all aspects that are important to Phi Mu, especially scholarship!"

Thank you, Michelle! Your handwork is something we all cherish! We are so excited to have you leading us all to success! 

Meet Allison!

Meet Allison! She is our newest Membership Director for formal recruitment this Fall! She studies Communications with a minor in Media Arts and Studies. Allison is from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky and aspires to be a professor in the field of communications after she graduates! In her free time, she loves to watch Netflix and re-runs of the original Jersey Shore (because its the best), and of course, to hang out with her friends!

Rho Iota is very lucky to have Allison as our Membership Director. She is very passionate about helping Phi Mu grow, and she is very excited to see the future PNM's finding their home in our chapter! Allison hopes to make recruitment an overall positive experience for every girl involved! Recruitment is going to be so much fun this Fall with Allison in charge!


Meet El!

Meet El! She is our Social Chair this year!! El is from Atlanta and is majoring in Hospitality Management and Tourism with a minor in Business. After graduation, El wants to work in events through hotels and then eventually work her way up to being a general manager. In her free time after planning our social events, El loves to play tennis, cheer on the cats, and hang out with her friends!

From her previous experience with working events and her high interest within that field, El decided that being Social Chair would be her best fit! She hopes to create more date parties and social events with other sororities and fraternities to bring our chapter closer to the rest of the greek community! We can't wait to hear El's ideas!


Meet Ellie!

Meet Ellie! She is an International Studies major from Mount Prospect, Illinois! Ellie is our Treasurer for the 2018-2019 semesters. She loves spending her time with friends and family, and she also really enjoys traveling. After graduation, Ellie sees herself working on the financial side of IGOs and NGOs! 

We are very fortunate to have Ellie as our Treasurer this year because she is so dedicated to our chapter! She loves working with money and budgets, and is very excited to further her experience  for her future! She hopes to improve the chapter's knowledge of where their money is going for events and other exciting activities! Thank you for your hard work, Ellie!


Meet Alessandra!

Meet Alessandra! She is the Phi Director this year! Alessandra is from Shorewood, Illinois and is majoring in English and is also Pre-Law! In the future, Alessandra hopes to travel, go to law school, and become an attorney! Alessandra loves to play with her puppy, online shop, have dance parties, and hangout with her friends and roommates in the house!!

Rho Iota is so excited to have Alessandra as the Phi Director this year! She wanted this position because of the amazing job our previous Phi Director, Meghan, had done. She hopes to improve the retention rate of the chapter! She believes that it starts with a good Phi program and making friends in the early parts of your Phi Mu experience is important! We are so excited to recruit the new pledge class for you to lead, Alessandra!


Meet Allie!

 Meet Allie! She is the Secretary this year! Allie is from Franklin, Kentucky and majors in Fashion Merchandising. She also has a double minor in Business and Digital Media and Design. In her near future, she wants to work as either a visual merchandiser for a retail company or in the merchandising department for a large company. Allie loves to take photos, watch movies, make jewelry, and hang out with her friends in her free time. Fun fact: She just got engaged!!! 

Our chapter is so lucky to have Allie as our new Secretary because she wants to improve the flow of our meetings each week and increase participation amongst our sisters. She wants to change how our chapter takes attendance during meetings, as well. Allie wanted this position to become more involved and have an important role in our chapter. She is excited to see Phi Mu from a new prospective! We can't wait to see your ideas come into action, Allie!

Meet Morgan!

Meet Morgan! She is an Elementary Education major from Lexington, Kentucky! She is our new VP of Committees this year! After graduation, she hopes to become a Kindergarten teacher! In her free time she loves to watch sports (GO CATS), hang out with her friends and of course, play with her dogs! 

We are so lucky to have Morgan as our VP of Committees this year because she is excited to get each sister involved in the chapter in some way. She plans to let girls find a committee that interests them so  they will be excited to improve our chapter! 

Meet our Membership Director!

Emma Casagrande is a junior from Arlington, VA majoring in Hospitality Management and Tourism. She hopes to use this degree in order to become an event planner in the Washington DC area! An interesting fact about Emma, is that her last name means "big house" in Spanish and Italian. She laughs at every joke, no matter how cheesy they may get, and she loves to pull pranks on her friends! If she could give any type of advice to her freshman self, she would tell her to learn to laugh at herself. Life becomes easier once you realize you're not perfect. You are going to make mistakes, and that's okay!

Emma has been doing so much already to prepare our members for formal recruitment in August! I speak for most of the chapter when we say we are super excited to have her leading us through our favorite time of the year! Thanks, Emma!

Meet Katie!

Katie is a sophomore majoring in Dietetics from Franklin, Tennessee. She currently works with the football and baseball nutrition teams, hoping to one day use her degree to become a sports nutritionist for a college or professional team. A fun fact about Katie is that her brother is exactly 3 years and 1 day older than her. If she could tell her freshman self anything, she would tell her: "Don't stress out so much! Everything will work out."

We are so thankful to have Katie as VP of Committees this year! She is doing an awesome job organizing our committee heads and making sure they feel confident in their new positions! Thank you for your hard work, Katie!

Meet Payne!

Payne is a junior from Springfield, Illinois majoring in Hospitality Management and Tourism with a  minor in Business. After graduation, she hopes to become an event coordinator for hotels and businesses. Through this, she hopes to travel the country planning different events. A fun fact about Payne is her laugh! She has a very loud and contagious laugh, causing people to sometimes laugh at her laugh instead of her jokes. If she could give her freshman self advice, she would say, "No matter how cheesy it sounds, you can achieve your dreams. Don't underestimate yourself. Don't sell yourself short. You can do anything you set your mind to."

We are so lucky to have Payne as our new president! She is already setting the bar high this year by leading our chapter with lots of fun. Thank you for all that you do, Payne!