Dear Potential New Members,

We are all so excited to have you here at the University of Kentucky. In this new

chapter, you will gain knowledge and friendships, while learning and growing as an

adult along the way. These new steps are exciting, but they can also be challenging.

That is where sisters step in to help you along the way. By choosing to go through

formal recruitment, you are proactively working towards developing lasting

friendships, beneficial study techniques, philanthropic passions, and leadership.

Greek life is great for these reasons, and we hope to show you the true meaning

behind sisterhood here at Phi Mu.

A new Phi Mu is immediately immersed in activities that will enrich their experience

on campus such as sisterhood events, philanthropy events, social activities, and

academic study nights. Our core values as an organization are Love, Honor, and

Truth. These ideals shape the women of our chapter and guide us each day. While

you may think this experience last for four years, a sisterhood lasts a lifetime. I am

so honored to call Phi Mu my home, and I hope you too can see how much this

organization has to offer its members. I would personally like to wish you the best

of luck during recruitment, and I am excited to see you soon.


Allison Carter

Membership Director

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Mail forms to:

Formal Recruitment Chair

462 Rose Ln.

Lexington, KY 40508